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  • One year, autumn wind is not spring light, it's better to listen, Bai Shi Hua's bell has jumped, the stage of the stage is slow, we will sword, we will whisper, the mountains, the heavens, the melody, music and dance, the sea rhyme海 意 蕴, climbing, Yishan, also approaches this art epic


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  • \"Forever with the party,\" Jiangsu Province celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, from the Jiangsu Provincial Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Party History Office, Provincial Party Committee Education Work Committee, Provincial Wen Diplom, Hosted, Provincial Wen Fed, hosted, Provincial Performing Arts Group, Provincial Radio and Television Terminal, Provincial Sports Industry Group, Nanjing Municipal Committee Propaganda Department.


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  • Smart \"knowing\", illusion, waking up dreams and searching for \"dao\", 2020 Sanya IN THE KNOW will be released at a banquet where a flower is useless, see how \"LED CNC matrix ball\" can play new tricks...


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  • On August 29, the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference is \"The Unlimited Possibilities of the Intelligent Connected World\". Lifting equipment RGB light-emitting CNC elevator LED kinetic energy lifting ball CNC kinetic energy device


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