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  • This CNC device is customized by Ginyu high arts, all of which use a CNC lift device with a schedule of 15 meters, DMX Kinetic Winch, 3 cm diameter and 1 meter -long LED light bar, combined with the LED luminous ball in the center of the triangle, and the triangle center. High -speed movement and color changes in upper and lower, fully ignited the atmosphere of the final stimulus and blood.


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  • There are many large actors in the stage performance area. More than 600 LED kinetic balls make the space above the performance area gorgeous, full and not empty. The overall feeling is like the actors stand in the flower stamens, surrounded by the surrounding petals, and the artistic conception is surrounded by the surrounding petals. In the long run, the content of the visual performance is also richer, and the magnificent, melodious and high -pitting atmosphere is settled, like a picture of the picture, showing the magnificent history of 120 years ... ...


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  • "Their lift distance is 17 meters, so that it will make it greater in the performance range of composition and image, not only bringing a more shocking perception, but also to make the audience a more immersive feeling, accompanied by music When you sound, you will find yourself as if you are in a real scene, and your eyes are too busy. ''


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  • So the cylindrical lamps that were originally set on the ground were turned into a new "jacket " for lifting CNC devices. In an instant, a little bit of starlight, like the hole lights flying, you have me, dreams and expectations.


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