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Guangzhou GINYU Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011 and registered the "GINYU" trademark in 2013. Our factory are located in Huadu District, nearly Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. We focuses on the development and production of "kinetic lifting winch" below "30KG". Also called "DMX KINETIC WINCH", the installation is usually arranged in a matrix according to a certain density. Its rich dynamic effects can bring a new visual experience and artistic feeling to the audience. It is mainly used in stage performances, cultural tourism and entertainment. , exhibitions and public art.

The core technology of "kinetic lifting winch" is safety and reliability; It promotes the spirit of "craftsman" and becomes the beauty of "GINYU". A series of products have obtained more than 50 breakthrough patented technologies based on safety assurance. Standard products all have 3C and related safety certifications, allowing users to use them with confidence.

The product manager of "GINYU" has participated in more than 300 performances and more than 100 engineering projects. Even the design and position of each screw have comprehensively considered user experience and feedback. Therefore, the improvement has continued...  

In the future, "GINYU" will continue to increase investment in research and development, introduce domestic and foreign high-tech, strengthen cooperation with international professional teams, expand peripheral product chains around core products, make products more compatible, have more visual effects, and further enhance global market competition.


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