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Since establishment in 2011, GINYU kinetic Art Workshop focus on "Kinetic" DMX winch, provide Design, customized and Installation services for customers;
In 2023, have registered "GINYU" and "Flyball" trademarks. Kinetic lighting mainly used in performance stage, public art and some other exhibition industries;
The core technology and rigid requirements of "Kinetic" lighting is SAFETY and Reliability. Pass 10 years ago, The product manager of "GINYU kinetic Art Workshop" had participated more than 600 performance and installation and more than 200 engineering fixed project. "GINYU Workshop" has only focused on the "30KG class" market. After repeated efforts, it has obtained more than 50 breakthrough patented technologies related to safety. Standard products have "3C" and related safety certifications.

"GINYU Art Workshop" products according use environment and quality grade, it have divided into 2 series: Performance and Engineering project.
Products are exported to more than 20 countries around the world. In the next step, we will introduce high-tech technologies in the field of "mechanical transmission" and "new media", strengthen cooperation with international professional teams, and develop multi-dimensional scene effects around core products, so that products Lines are more diversification, further enhancing the competitiveness of the global market.


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