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YSL stare in Guangzhou with kinetic art installation

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High -end version of YSL flagship store, it turned out to be so beautiful

Even if you pass by Tianhuan Plaza, the newly opened YSL Saint Laurent Beauty flagship store makes people unwilling! The 176㎡ is large, with 4 floors high, and the world is the largest in the world!

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The designer broke the dull and traditional store impression, made full use of the space, integrates art into the store, and is full of futuristicStereo lamp column,DomineeringGift box wallBold and brightPerfume wall, Surprising everywhere in the store!

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The art device is hung in the air, by1776The composition of YSL square tube, elegant and smoothly changing, forming three patterns of the word love, YSLLOGO, and caring, it is the first in the beauty!

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