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Wedding party show with GINYU kinetic balls

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An art banquet without flowers

Green plants mean nature, purity, and indifferent, so in the design of the banquet venue cloth, different brightness and purity are usually presented. Essence




From the perspective of the main stage design, the lines of the lines fall, gathered in the cylindrical structure that grows short and wrong, and the interspersing of the structure makes the top space extend. In the case of dark and bright fields, different visual experiences and aesthetics can be present.


Let the static scene live, let the proper device move, and integrate the dynamic design and the design of the traditional banquet lighting design.The LED kinetic balls can up and down, and the scene changes. The people present were immersed in it and felt the charm of immersive banquets.


Teacher Li Yuanhang, the general design of the event, said that there is actually a transformation process of "self, self, superego " in this design. The work is created for the audience. You are the source of inspiration, so the latter link needs everyone to complete it together.So the cylindrical lamps that were originally set on the ground were turned into a new "jacket " for lifting dmx winch motor. In an instant, a little bit of starlight, like the hole lights flying, you have me, dreams and expectations.


A large number of DMX winch motor are adopted by this conference. It is a subversive design. After the industry's big coffee experience, it is said that the event will lead the new trend of banquet dance lighting.

The LED DMX winch motor device consists of a microcarm and LED spherical light source controlled by DMX. The light ball RGBW 4 base color can be mixed into any type of color that wants to color. With the upper and lower motion of the carrier motor, thousands of different scene effects can be presented.

Several characteristics of banquet Kinetic balls, GINYU product manager said:

Generally, the project installation method is usually designed to be directly above the audience area. The safety and reliability requirements of winches devices are extremely demanding. No matter what extreme conditions, props or light sources cannot fall;

There are also layer height limit, and the volume of micro -hanging ™ hoist dmx winch motor should not large, otherwise it will affect the overall visual effect. Most of the activities within 4 meters, and a few venues can reach 6 meters.

The experience distance of the audience is 20-30 meters,  the kinetic motor cannot be noisy during the increase in running, so the motor is required to be very quiet;

Long time working, power work is high frequency, the quality level and performance level of wedding devices are the same;

The owner also needs to consider costs. The banquet administrator generally lacks the professional stage lighting foundation, and also needs to disassemble and adjust the entire position layout. Therefore, the machine skin is required to be durable. Economy and practical and reliable can meet the needs of the banquet market. For the characteristics of the industry, GINYU follow client request and have produce New model winch motor for wedding party show: Mini model QL_415M, below is the installation photo:


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