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Shanghai YES BY YESIR Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Conference

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YES BY YESIR's exclusive "FACE·Face" 2020 Spring/Summer Fashion Conference show opened on October 11th in Shanghai's Xintiandi Taiping Lake Park in Golden Autumn.

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LED lifting tube

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Using  42 sets of Kinetic lighting lifting equipment of the "LT-415M" model provided by GINYU  Electronics, with 102 customized special process tubes, the YES BY YESIR 2020 spring and summer fashion show is analyzed to the most primitive description. The CNC lifting equipment used in this press conference is our main product, and the installation is quick, simple and convenient.

The densely distributed linear tubes on the catwalk are like today's "online world", like the thousands of people hiding in the Internet every day. The installation also draws on the expression of "invisible" in architecture, both visible and invisible.

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The fashion show has come to an end, but the art and fashion of creation are still on the way, and we will jointly explore how to further integrate technology and fashion in the future.


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