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LT-Z2 Dedicated console

The network processor is the same CPU as the console, with powerful network computing capabilities to convert network signals into DMX signals. A network processor can process 4,096 channel parameters in real time. Flexible configuration of 8 DMX input and output interfaces. The network processor supports the DMX512 and YEL-NET lighting protocols.
In the same network, multiple consoles can share one or more Thunderbird network processors for redundant backup of lighting control.

It is suitable for lighting control of various occasions, supports all kinds of computer lights, digital lights, regular lights, stable rock, and is designed and controlled quickly and conveniently.


  1. 7 DMX outputs / inputs

  2. Maximum expansion can support 65536 channel parameters

  3. built-in 2 15.4-inch display

  4. 15 high-precision electric push rods, A/B field electric push rods, 1 total control electric push rod

  5. 6 wear-resistant encoders (with Push)

  6. 1 highly sensitive trackball, 1 high-precision dimming wheel

  7. 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports

  8. 4 USB2.0 built-in keyboard drawers (2)

  9. independent backlight button

  10. MIDI input/output interface

  11. LTC/SMPTE time code, support extended pusher flank

  12. 2 LED gooseneck sockets

  13. SSDs, 8GB RAM, 2 Geforce graphics cards

  14. AC wide voltage power supply: 90-240V, 50/60Hz, built-in uninterrupted UPS power supply

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