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LED pixel tube show on TV

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On the evening of July 27, "Youth Mangye Night" opened in Changsha, Hunan, and many stars gathered together to start the summer carnival, bringing a refreshing and comfortable cool breeze to the hot summer. In order to create a live party with a sense of fashion, youthfulness, black technology and high -value, Mango TV introduced dance "dry goods ", including the screen projection, double -sided ring channel, suspended stage, laser matrix, etc. Hardware equipment is constantly developing into an immersive stage with mango characteristics. This is not only a visual enjoyment for the audience, but also in a variety of on -site environment to have a closer contact with the artist.


The CNC LED light bar on the stage of "Paradise" cooperated with Wang Chenyi and Wang Chenyi was provided by Ginyu.Cooperate with the artist's singing rhythm,The shape of the combination into a butterfly dances, like "Youth " is sailing, bringing the audience a three -dimensional visual symbol, and providing a rich light and shadow effect to the camera.

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Zhu Yilong's "I Want You" dance beauty effect is Cao Yuxi's work. The device that provides power and control for the gauze is also created by the Ginyu team.VeilSlowly landing from the sky, Zhu Yilong shuttled in it, looming, with a gentle voice supplemented by the veil, hazy and beautiful, beautiful and dreamy, this strong visual language instantly presented.

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Official performance, Mango TV live broadcast scene

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Before the CNC device was built, the Ginyu team technical meeting meeting

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The main creative team group photo

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