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Kinetic lights show for The 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese party

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"Always follow the party " Jiangsu Province celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China, a large -scale singing literary performance on June 29th, the Gymnasium in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center was staged. The entire performance was magnificent and magnificent, which was moving and shocking. At the same time, it was cool and full of technology.

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More than 1200 LED kinetic balls lift matrix dynamic sky curtains, it is said thatThis is the largest number of DMX winch devices in domestic comprehensive performances. It's GINYU pleasure can have this opportunity can attend this Big show for DMX control winch.

Starry sky,

Starry Sky 2Starry 3

Star 4

"Their lift distance is 17 meters, so that it will make it greater in the performance range of composition and image, not only bringing a more shocking perception, but also to make the audience a more immersive feeling, accompanied by music When you sound, you will find yourself as if you are in a real scene, and your eyes are too busy. ''

Party emblem

red flag


Chapter 2-2-

Chapter IV-7-Tail Singing and Dance

Chapter 4-1-We are all dream chaser 3

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GINYU DMX KINETIC WINCH Technology Team was fortunate to participate in the performance throughout the process. From the entrance construction, debugging, and the end of the event, it's spend 62 days. There were 1200 dmx winch motors. No machine failed. Finish the show satisfaction.




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