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Kinetic lights show celebrate for The 120th Anniversary of Shandong University

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In 2021, Shandong University ushered in the 120th anniversary. On the evening of October 15th, the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Shandong University was held in the central campus.

The evening party is based on the magnificent historical process of the school, and staged a brilliant chapter of "WeiGuo Yuxian ", showing the style of the Mountains with a country, forge ahead, and pursuing excellence.



The party kicked off in the "Ceremony of the Ceremony",A song "Shandong University Song" shows the spiritual style of Master Shan's pioneering innovation, aggressive, and optimistic.



There are many large actors in the stage performance area. More than 600 LED kinetic balls make the space above the performance area gorgeous, full and not empty. The overall feeling is like the actors stand in the flower stamens, surrounded by the surrounding petals, and the artistic conception is surrounded by the surrounding petals. In the long run, the content of the visual performance is also richer, and the magnificent, melodious and high -pitting atmosphere is settled, like a picture of the picture, showing the magnificent history of 120 years ... ...keyword: dmx winch



Hundreds of Studies, continuation of Chinese chapter! In October gold and autumn, when the harvest of Mai Lang, I wish Shandong University again, happy birthday, and climbing peaks!


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