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Hong Kong Mira Place Kinetic balls Christmas 2023

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2023, experienceDifferent Christmas

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Christmas in 2023, Hong KongBeautiful Chineseshopping mallIntroduce the whole Hong KongNever used up lift ballsAI Christmas Aurora Music ShowPlay the dynamic starry sky, at the same time build the Nordic Magic Glass House Christmas TownAnd send 12 constellation Santa Claus, let you find your exclusive Santa Zo-Mate Santa Claus,Immersive appreciation of the Northern Light Starry Sky,Experience different Christmas!


Push awayshopping mallThe gate, the art device built by 200 sets of LED lift balls; this device is 10 meters, using a wire with a diameter of only 3 mm, equipped with a diameter of 25 cm RGBW glowing ball; The matrix ball and CNC ball are a CNC device developed based on the DMX512 control protocol;The ball seems to float in the air. Not only can you follow the music in an orderly manner, showing a variety of graphics, text, and logo. It cleverly integrates art and technology. atmosphere of;

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In the hour, there are 4 different AI Christmas constellation Aurora Music Show, 200 AI shining "Stars" to drop the ballMales of Christmas music every 15 minutesledLiftGo up and downDifferent movement presentationThe effect of dynamic starry sky, combined into North Light, 3 constellation patterns and other star or Christmas patternsledLiftThe colorful color changes in the ball danced in the atrium of the mall like an elf, which impressed the customers who came and went, unforgettable, and lingering.

"Christmas Tree "

Christmas tree

"Santa Claus"

Santa Claus

"Taurus "


"Gemini "


"Cancer "


Mira Place Logo

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Ginyu® Kinetic Art Workshop ™ High -Art Workshop Pre -Motor Workshop

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