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Happy New Year 2020- GINYU kinetic show

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The Spring Festival Gala is the time when the David TV shined. Let's see if the Southeast Satellite TV "2020 blessing to the southeast " recording the scene of the recording site, the "LED CNC matrix ball " on the scene is Stunning gameplay ....

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Earlier small videos that whales swim in the air have been swiped on the Internet various screens




Wang Ziyi sang "Accompanying Me"

Wang Zijie's new song comes with "Whale " together "Ocean Adventure " in this Spring Festival Gala. CNC balls form a blue blue, which makes the audience feel like the ocean and listen to the sound of the natural sound.

Dance GIF2


▲ Teacher Han Lei sang "The Sea knows how far I'm gone"

When Teacher Han Lei sang "The Sea knows how far I'm gone", the LED CNC matrix ball transformed into a scroll of imposing, and the entire stage became plump instantly. The voice of the heart. The event was recorded at the Fuzhou Strait Olympic Sports Center on January 10, and many stars such as Yao Chen, Zhang Xinzhe, and Zhu Shimao all appeared.




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