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GINYU kinetic ball for NBA-Chase Center

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The NBA season in 2022 was held in Chase Center, and the Chase Center Stadium is located in California, USAState's San Francisco City, as the home of the Golden State Warriors, is one of the most expensive centers in the NBA league so far. It can accommodate 18064 audiences.

We can see that the large LED screen on the top of the stadium is luxurious. The audience seat is 360 degrees in all directions without dead ends. It is full of modernity, bringing a subversive visual experience to the audience.

The lighting device of the stadium is coexisting with high burning technology. What makes people shine is that there are some LED luminous triangles with "dance " above the top. This CNC device is customized by Ginyu high art. The CNC lifting device DMX Kinetic Winch has a triangular light emitting device composed of 3 cm diameter and 1 meter -length LED light bar. Combined with the LED light ball in the center of the triangle, high -speed movement and color changes in the upper and lower high -speed movement have fully ignited the final stimulus and bloody blood. The atmosphere at the scene.

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