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GINYU KINETIC show for 2019 Shanghai Huawei 5G exhibition

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MWC19 was held in Shanghai, from June 26th to June 28th. The Huawei exhibition area is located in the ICA01 exhibition area of the E70 exhibition area of the E70 Hall • N5 Hall of the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). 

This conference Huawei uses the challenges and opportunities of the global industry to discuss elites of the global industry with the theme of "5G is on, Zhilian Future " as the theme of the global industry.


Through exhibition exhibitions, forum activities, summit speeches and other forms, Huawei shares Huawei's strongest 5G solution with global operators and customers and partners from 5G three -dimensional coverage, minimalist site, business development, industry application, smart operation and other dimensions Huawei's experience in actual 5G network deployment, optimization, and business distribution help operators to quickly expand 5G network large -scale deployment, expand new business borders, promote 5G of thousands of industries, and connect intelligent future.

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This time the Huawei booth uses a total of 1020 GINYU KINETIC WINCH BALLS which is said to be a display with the largest number of DMX winch motor worldwide. Each light ball is equivalent to a pixel. "5G is on " highlights the theme of LOGO through the 1020 kinetic lighting winch motor, making the audience refreshing and deep memory.


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