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Fashion WEEK show with DMX winch hoist

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On October 11, the "FACE • Face " 2020 Shanghai Fashion Week show presented by the Chinese original light luxury designer brand Yes by Yesir opened as scheduled in Shanghai. Yes by Yesir team sent a fashion feast for the guests to gather fashion art, installation space art, and experimental music. Designer Ye Qian redefined the new fashion concept of the future. "FACE · Face " element.


The creative team from Chengdu "Vane Originality" has been committed to the planning and realization of fashion and art. "Venn " founder Wang Xun designed yes by yesir's latest show with "personal and network " as a creativity: the dense line -like tube on the cat station is like today's "network world ", The models walk in it. This season is quite dazzling about the appearance of each model: in front of the curtains that projected the appearance of each model's head, each model broke its "face " to the runway, symbolizing "breaking through the self The appearance of "" attracted the curiosity and amazing of the guests at the scene. The unique form of the entire show has completely subverted the Shanghai Fashion Week show that the public has always been familiar with, and further sublimated a new interpretation of the theme of "FACE · Face ".

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Minimalist aesthetics has always been an excellent gene that is different from other designer brands. The artist Matisse's "lines and color " of the peak in his later years are the outstanding representatives of minimalist decoration art, so it has also become the inspiration of Ye Qian and his design team in the 2020 spring and summer series.

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The fashion show came to an end, but the art and fashion created on the road are still on the road. Let usTogether how to further integrate technology and fashion in the future. The CNC device model participated by the Ginyu team is: ET_401, the model is a dual outline (2 hanging points), the safe load is 20 kg, the itinerary can reach 10 meters, the itinerary can reach 10 meters. , Suitable for light props.

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