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Changsha Mango TV 2019 Youth Mango Night ''

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On the evening of July 27,"Mango Night of Youth" opened in Changsha. Many stars gathered together to start the midsummer carnival, bringing a refreshing and comfortable breeze to the hot summer.


It is a great honor for me to participate in the technical support of\"2019 Youth Mango Night\". On July 20th, all the technical staff before the construction had a short meeting.

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                                                                                Site construction

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On July 23, our equipment was set up, and we started debugging with rehearsal. Then we appreciate the effect of our on-site debugging.

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On the evening of July 27,\"Youth Mango Night\" officially launched.The first cooperation between Qian Zhenghao and Wang Chenyi,The stage effect of Paradise is a combination of \"QL-805X \" CNC elevator and point-controlled meteor light bar provided by our GINYU. With the singing rhythm of the music and the artist, the light tube is raised and lowered, the light tube rises and falls, and the light tube is combined into The butterfly shape dances like \"Youth \" is sailing,Give viewers the double enjoyment of eyes and ears

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At the same time,The stage effect of\"I Want You\" is the work of Teacher Cao Yuxi, also provided by us GINYU \"LT-505 Pro \"The NC lifter slowly landed with the flowing gauze. Zhu Yilong was looming in the gauze. A gentle voice complemented the gauze stage, and a hazy and graceful effect appeared.

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In this\"Mango Night of Youth\",\"\" Youth\"\" will be played to the extreme. The stage design is also personally operated by a super-class team. I believe that the audience on the scene and in front of the TV will have a refreshing sensory experience.

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                                                                                     ▲ Live

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                                                                                          ▲ Creative team


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