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2022NBA Guangzhou High Art CNC device debuts in the US Chase Golden Ocean

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The 2019-2022 NBA season is held in Chase Center in the Chase Center. The Chase Central Stadium is located in San Francisco, California, USA. The stadium is officially put into use in the 2019-20 season. The NBA League's most expensive standing hall can accommodate 18064 audiences.

The Warriors New Barry -Datong Center's inner field is exposed. We can see that the large screen on the top of the stadium is luxurious. The auditorium is 360 degrees in all aspects without dead ends. The effect is cool. The pavilion.

The lighting device of the stadium is coexisting with high burning technology. What makes people shine is that there are some "dance " LED triangles above the top. This CNC device is customized by Guangzhou Ginyu high art. The DMX CNC high -speed lift, a triangular light emitting device composed of 3 cm diameter and 1 meter -long LED light bar, combined with the LED luminous ball located in the center of the triangular center, high -speed upper and lower movement and color changes, which fully ignite the final scene that stimulates blood in the finals to stimulate blood. Atmosphere.


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