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2020 Sanya IN THE KNOW Banquet Release ---- A Banquet Without a Flower

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Smart "knowing" illusion, waking up dreams and seeking "Dao"

We often use "chaos" to describe the state of the universe before it was born, and also to describe the appearance of an idea or idea that was not clear when it was born. In this special year of 2020, it may not be possible to control the changes in the world, nor to predict the future development of the industry. At this moment, as if the dream is not awake, it is chaotic. We believe that even if it is a short period of darkness, the future after awakening will be broken dawn and glory.


In the stressful and anxious modern urban life, we need a moment of tranquility and relief. Green means natural, pure and indifferent, so in the design of the site cloth, green tones of different brightness and purity are presented. This release did not use any flower or plant decoration to fill the entire banquet space. Use structure and lines to express a clear and lively design style. The lifting CNC device on the top adopts 70  pcs kinetic lighting lifting devices of the “QL-805X” model provided by GINYU  Electronics, slowly falling from the sky, like the stars in the night sky, and the immersive experience surprises the wedding guests present. .



▲Real scene picture of field layout (dark field)

From the perspective of the design of the main stage, strands of lines dangle, converging on long and short cylindrical structures, interspersed between the structures to extend the top space. The ground streamlined stage design is done in one go, like the sea and the sky intersect, and the clouds and the waves of the sea are against each other. In the case of dark field and bright field, different visual and aesthetic feelings can be presented.


▲Real scene picture of field layout (bright field)

Let the static scene come alive, let the cloth installation move, and integrate the ever-changing immersive dynamic design, process design and banquet design. The rise and fall of the LED lifting light-emitting ball of the numerical control device guides the scene change, and the interactive link is designed by using its technical characteristics. Immerse the people present and feel the charm of immersive banquet design. The dark field at the beginning, like night is about to go, has not yet woken up. Vision is absent, and suspense arises.


100 88

The release designer Li Yuanhang made his appearance in this show. He said: “In fact, there is still one link that has not been completed. This is also a process of transformation of the “I, Ego, and Superego” in this design. The work is created for the audience, you That’s the source of my inspiration. So the last link needs everyone to complete it together.” So originally set on the ground, the cylindrical lamp tube in the middle of the guests turned into a new "coat" for the lifting numerical control device. In an instant, a little bit of starlight Turned into sky lanterns. Let go of their hands, you and me, dreams and expectations.


▲A little starry sky lantern


▲Building review


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