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2019 Shanghai Artificial Intelligence (WAIC) Conference

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Starting from August 29th, the schedules of Chinese bigwigs are all concentrated in Shanghai. Here, the three-day 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held. The theme of this conference is "The Unlimited Possibilities of the Intelligent Connected World", with the characteristics of "high-end, international, professional, market-oriented, and intelligent". The scale is larger than before, with more than 400 participating companies, more than twice the number of the same period last year.

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Gather the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the global field, as well as relevant government leaders, give speeches and conduct high-end dialogues around the technological frontiers, industrial trends and hot issues in the smart field, build the world's top smart cooperation and exchange platform, and become the industry A well-acclaimed professional academic conference. Hot spots also continued to appear during the conference: "double horse" dialogue, more than 70 AI and 5G project signings, AI "Nobel Prize", artificial intelligence "national team" expansion, etc.

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Double " horse" dialogue

At the beginning of the conversation, Musk said: "Let’s take a look at the keyword AI first. I heard that AI means'love'." Here Musk should refer to the Chinese pinyin, and the pinyin for "love" is "ai" . It can be seen that Musk has also learned about the culture of the host, which is admirable.



In the main forum for the development of the artificial intelligence industry and the main forum on the frontiers of science, experts, scholars and well-known corporate leaders from the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad have used various forms such as keynote speeches and roundtable dialogues to concretely explain the current situation of the artificial intelligence industry. The current development status of AI and the possible impact of technological development, sharing and discussing topics such as the most cutting-edge technology development trend in the field of artificial intelligence and the core direction of future development.

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Next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China will focus on promoting the integrated development of industrial Internet platforms and artificial intelligence, and continue to promote the innovative development of "platform + intelligence" through publicity and training, innovation projects, pilot demonstrations, and ecological cultivation.


It is understood that this conference will focus on signing more than 70 AI and 5G projects. Among them, Huawei's 5G Innovation Center will build an innovation platform in Pudong that integrates 5G, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies; the cloud global operation center will also invest 5 billion in 5 years to build a platform for R&D, industrialization, talent training, and platform in Pudong. Support as an integrated architecture system etc.


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