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120th anniversary of Shandong University

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One year, autumn

Not spring, better than spring light,

Birthday's bell has already sounded

Look, the scene of the stage is slow

We will whispering the mountain big feelings into a melody

Describe the Haiyun Mountain with Music and Dance

Into the sea, hiking

Yishan is also sea

Take the epic of this art


East to Huanghai, Nanwang Taishan, 1901, Shandong University, in accordance with Shandong University, opened the first modern higher education in China. In 2021, Shandong University ushered in its 120-year-old birthday. And on October 15, the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Shandong University was held.


The party is the main line with the magnificent historical process of the school, and staged a colorful \"as Guo Yan Yuxian\".Chapter, showing the mountains of the mountains, and strokes, pursues excellence, and only strives to come to the era.

The suspension ball used in this performance is from the lifting ball manufacturer - Guangzhou high-yield electronics GINYU.

The model used is: QL-815F, the lifting stroke is 1-15 meters. The light ball diameter is 25 cm, a total of 600 groups.From the entry, debugging to the reel for 20 days.



Chapter 1: 1901-1949 Tuqiang


Chapter II: 1949-1978 砥 前

Eight horses, unprecedented

As a different sound on the stage

Eight sound ensemble, final and flat

Sing into a harmonious red sang



Chapter III 1978-2010 Reform and Innovation



Chapter 5 2010 - 2021 Strengthening the country



October golden autumn, wheat langy fruit is harvest

I wish Shandong University, one hundred and twenty years old, happy birthday!

Bai Mu Xuefu, renewal, Huadian!


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